Top Influencer Marketing Software (2023)

Updated: November 24, 2023

This guide will cover the top influencer marketing software, what they do, how to choose them, and why they’re important for your overall mobile app acquisition strategy.

The growth of influencer marketing has led to an increased demand for influencer marketing software that offers a wide range of helpful services, from content creation to campaign management and advanced third-party analytics.

Influencer marketing has the power to improve a mobile app’s user acquisition strategy, raise brand awareness, and improve your overall market reputation, and influencer marketing software speeds up the entire process.

Using influencer marketing software, marketers and app owners can quickly find influencers, manage them directly, and keep track of their content all in one place.

The end result is a boost to your mobile campaigns, amplification of your content as well as new users, and a notable increase in app installation rates.

Let’s explore the top influencer marketing software and find out who the best players in the industry are.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is where a brand collaborates with an online influencer to help market its products and services. Mobile businesses can partner with individuals who have already established a following and increase their brand exposure, which helps to drive their mobile app acquisition strategy.

Influencer marketing works because of the existing trust influencers have built up with their following; recommendations from these influencers are a form of social proof for potential new customers.

Influencer marketing software example

Source: Upfluence

Working with digital creators and influencers is typically a refined process, and brands often find it a difficult one to navigate (at first). That’s because each influencer is different–some have large, broad audiences that span multiple demographics, while others offer smaller yet more engaged communities.

Keeping track of these variables and maintaining good contact with influencers can be challenging without dedicated software.

What is influencer marketing software?

Influencer marketing software provides app marketers with an end-to-end solution that helps them to discover social influencers and manage influencer-generated content in a single place.

These online tools make the influencer marketing process much easier for companies and remove the often considerable period of time that it formerly took to discover new influencers.

From the software alone, marketers can develop relationships with influencers, run campaigns, view powerful analytics, and categorize and monitor branded content.

Influencer marketing software example


Brands use influencer marketing software because it offers them the capability to take a strategic approach when developing their influencer programs with insights and expertise that generate content with much-needed transparency and coordination.

What do influencer software do?

Influencer marketing software offers a range of useful features, from third-party analytics to client relationship management and a dedicated influencer database and search engine. Below we’ve detailed the core services influencer marketing software offers.

Influencer database and search engine

Influencer marketing software uses a database of influencers and a search engine that quickly allows you to find influencers, and you can search for influencers based on filters such as brand congruence and follower size.

This saves a lot of resources, not to mention time and energy, in the process.

Client relationship management 

Finding influencers is only the beginning, and you’ll have to reach out and manage them once onboarded; managing social media and online influencers is much easier with influencer management software as it provides a dedicated solution where you can manage everything directly from a dashboard.

Campaign management

You’ll have to manage and monitor influencer campaigns as they proceed, and it’s another area that can take up a lot of time. Checking out posts and content will help you see whether the influencer is adhering to the brand’s overall message, so it’s not something that you should ignore.

As you increase your influencer network, things only get busier; luckily, influencer marketing software enables you to consolidate posts by your influencers in one channel, and you can scan through content when required.

Influencer marketing software example

Source: GRIN

Third-party analytics 

Third-party analytics allow you to measure, analyze, and evaluate both an influencer’s reach and performance as a campaign moves forward. With analytics, you’ll be able to see which channels followers use most often, the rate of engagement, and track interactions completed through links and sales.

Influencer content amplification 

Content amplification is simply the process of helping your content reach a wider audience than before. Influencer marketing software enables this by allowing you to see your best content and gives you the tools that allow you to repurpose it.

Essentially, content already produced and posted by the influencer is then taken and amplified by you. By amplifying your content, you turn heads and attract more attention to your company.

Why is influencer marketing software important for your mobile app?

Influencer marketing helps power along your mobile app’s user acquisition strategy, raise brand awareness, and improve your overall market reputation. In other words, influencer marketing ensures the long-term success of an app’s user acquisition strategy.

Influencer marketing software enables you to work with leading influencers and you can quickly review influencer marketing campaigns as you go. The ultimate result is thousands of new users and a notable increase in app installation rates.

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Source: IZEA

For example, YouTube influencers help brands launch their mobile apps and some use influencer marketing to expand their target audience so the app can rank at the top of the charts during the first week of launch. Keep in mind that most influencers have one platform on which they’re dominant.

Overall, mobile app influencer marketing increases brand awareness, can solidify your presence on social media platforms, and brings in new users. It’s an essential part of your app marketing strategy, so be sure not to neglect it.

Choosing the best influencer marketing software

With so much choice, how do you go about picking the best influencer marketing software? Fret not; below, we’ve detailed the key criteria to look out for while you choose. Our criteria checklist is as follows:

  • Diverse features that align with your campaign objectives
  • Ability to run unlimited campaigns
  • 24/7 support line
  • Reasonable pricing models
  • Good reviews and ratings

Features that align with your campaign objectives

When choosing your influencer marketing software, look for a mix of features that align with your overall campaign objectives.

For example, can you see how each post in a campaign is performing and are you able to get a good idea of each influencer’s effectiveness? Does the software allow you to have a conversation with influencers easily and can you negotiate payment with each influencer individually?

Think carefully about the features that matter the most to you and your campaign, and go from there.

Ability to run unlimited campaigns

Be sure to look for influencer marketing software that allows you to manage unlimited campaigns (with unlimited influencers). While this tends to cost a bit more, it’s something that most brands will need to avoid continual inconvenience as they grow and manage more influencers.

Some of the best influencer marketing software won’t charge a great deal more for this.

Influencer marketing software example

Source: Tagger

24/7 support line

24/7 support is key when managing influencers and new campaigns. When things go wrong, it’s important you have someone you can contact immediately for support.

The best influencer marketing software provides a 24/7 direct line to the team and will put you in contact with experts in less than five minutes–a dedicated customer success manager should also be part of this package.

Top Influencer Marketing Software

Reasonable pricing models

It’s best to look for influence marketing software that offer reasonable pricing models and upfront pricing, so you won’t be caught unaware down the line with extra charges.

Look for flexible pricing options that let you scale up or down depending on your brand’s needs and those which clearly state the number of users that can use the software.

Good reviews and ratings

Always check reviews and ratings to see how other customers found the influencer marketing software overall; these can be easily located for the majority of software. For instance, was the software easy to set up and use? How was the customer support?

It’s good practice to look for notable brand names that have used the software in the past and have left testimonials.

Work with top influencer marketing software

To recap, working with top influencer marketing software enables marketers and app owners to find the most suitable influencers for them and as well as manage new campaigns with ease.

Using top influencer marketing software allows you to maintain communications with influencers and make use of third-party analytics so you can see what’s working (and what isn’t).

Top features of influencer marketing software include the following:

  • Straightforward campaign management
  • Influencer database with search engine
  • Contact and relationship management
  • Easy integration with other channels
  • Functionality to send products to influencers
  • Powerful analytics and reporting

Keeping track of your content all in one place will boost your mobile marketing campaigns and help to amplify your content to new heights. Below you’ll find our carefully selected list of the top influencer marketing software.

List of top influencer marketing software and platforms

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