Now, of course – the reason number one why we all in business is to make money, so we can put food on our table, right? But every once in a while we’re pleasantly surprised when our efforts, our midnight oil burning moments, brainstorms and nail-biting get rewarded. When we either in-person or virtually awarded with a prize for what we’re trying to be the best in.

So, today Josh will tell us about OneSignal’s The 2023 Customer Engagement Awards.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • Josh Hollander background
  • What is OneSignal today
  • What is The Custom Engagement Awards
  • The evaluation process for the awards
  • The winners
  • Reasons nominees didn’t win
  • What Josh would like to change about the mobile industry

Links and Resources:

Quotes from Josh Hollander:

“For me, it was really about how do we identify people that are moving the needle”

“Ninety plus percent of people who download your app are going to disappear in the first thirty days. How do we move that from ninety percent to eighty five percent?”

“So there’s three cardinal sins in customer engagement and with our platform specifically that I always try to coach people away from.”

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