How was your shopping this year? How long is your Amazon 2023 Orders list by now? 

Of course it wasn’t only you and it wasn’t only about Amazon (even though you may justifiably have an impression that it’s always about Amazon 🙂 ) – well, the whole planet went shopping every second on multiple retail apps.

To comprehend that scale we’ve invited Lexi to talk about one of the latest reports “Strategies to master retail on mobile

Today’s Topics Include:

  • Lexi Sydow background
  • What is today
  • Strategies to master retail on mobile report overview
  • Performance Score benchmark
  • How much time people spent in retail apps in Q3, 2023
  • Number of downloads for shopping apps in Q3, 2023
  • Newcomers and surprises on the Top 10 Shopping Apps list
  • Takeaways

Links and Resources:

Quotes from Lexi Sydow:

” It (the Performance Score benchmark) basically gives you this sort of compass to see how you’re performing in what sectors you might need to improve.
So it’s acquisition, engagement, sentiment and monetization of your app. And so you can dive deeper into each of these buckets and see where you might need to focus more on your strategy. And the beauty of this metric is that it is also driven by applied AI and it is a great sort of almost like a credit score for an app.”

“So seeing that many new downloads is really impressive because we do see a lot of e commerce players that are coming in now across the spectrum. “

“Shein did something really interesting. Shein is obviously a fast fashion and its targeting tends to be more Millennial women. And they think their app very Instagramable in its presence. It kind of looks like a social app more than a shopping app at time. Even the images of clothes look like an influencer is curating it, not a corporation that’s taking it in a room with models, you know, informal.”

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