Adsterra’s Interstitials bring new definition of sparking your audience’s interest

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Posted: November 27, 2023

Adsterra is bringing a new game-changer to the stack of its famous Social Bar format: Interstitials are available for Self-Serve Platform advertisers!

Interstitials used to be a privilege for managed accounts, but even so they reached an impressive  50% of ad demand among Social Bar users. Now, they’re not just an exclusive feature anymore: they are ready for action by all the savvy advertisers registered on Adsterra’s SSP.  

What are Interstitials?

Interstitials are full-screen ads that overlay a webpage with a large visual and vignetted background, appearing on top of the content to ensure users can’t ignore the message. The visuals are strategically designed to cover 45% to 80% of the screen, making them impossible to overlook.

The key elements of Interstitials are:

  • Large picture or text area containing the main ad message.
  • Optional heading and description.
  • Darkened full-screen background.
  • Call-to-action (typically a button).
  • A corner “Close” icon or alternative option for ad closure.
  • Extra layout elements to add a spark.

Intrigued? Take a glance at Adsterra’s Interstitials and set up a campaign here.

The perks of Interstitials: Social Bar subformat

Before revealing all the alluring details behind Adsterra’s Interstitials, it’s worth mentioning that they are released under the umbrella of the incomparable Social Bar format. Second to none, Social Bar shook the ad market in 2020, presented by Adsterra, and it keeps growing and gaining popularity, now expanding its stack of subformats to include Interstitials. 

Here’s what Interstitials bring to the table:

  • UX guidelines compliant.
  • Brand-friendly.
  • Easy creative uploads.
  • Extraordinary viewability.
  • Securing prime ad position. 
  • Potentially eliminating the need for prelanders due to delivering the entire message.
  • Excelling in CPI, CPD, and CPL conversions.
  • Competitive CPM rates, saving you from overpaying for superior ad placement.

All of this sounds attractive enough already, but stick until the end of the article, as we are about to give you some Pro Tips to squeeze the maximum out of your Interstitials from the very beginning.

Adsterra’s Interstitials: Pro Tips to skyrocket

No surprise Adsterra has a wide variety of smart tools integrated to its SSP platform; after all, they make it stand out. These tools help advertisers to optimize their campaigns and achieve ROI beyond expectations. Now that Interstitials are up and running, a new list of tips is due to enhance the performance of this new ad format:

  • Smart Bidding Magic: Let the real-time auction-savvy Smart CPM algorithms bid for optimal traffic based on your targeting.
  • Conversion Boost: Optimize CPM traffic by activating CPA Goal.
  • Test Wisely: Begin with broader targeting during the test period; narrow down based on high-converting placements.
  • Go Diverse: Add numerous creatives using various skins/templates.
  • Offer, Don’t Just Tell: Use discounts, bonuses, and bargains for engagement.
  • Visual Power: Don’t burst into long texts on your images, keep them concise.
  • Clickbait Done Right: Think of headings that grab attention.
  • Numbers Speak: Back your claims with stats for credibility.
  • Urgency Wins: Limit offers by time for a conversion boost.

High-time to implement these tips! With them, you’re bound to achieve remarkable results, so wait no more, and try Interstitials on Adsterra.


Adsterra’s Interstitials are here for each and every advertiser, registered on SSP. Interstitials will elevate your marketing success by expanding Popunder campaigns with high-value traffic, introducing innovative creativity to Social Bar campaigns for top-tier leads, and re-engaging users with an attractively redesigned ad message. They’ve proved to enhance CTR and CR, meeting agency or affiliate KPIs, ensuring a friendly and smooth user experience that outshines traditional pop-up windows.

Oh, and did we mention you can snag $200 by sharing your results running an Interstitial campaign? Now you know, so fetch your Interstitials case study to Adsterra, and it could well become the next big thing on the blog!

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